CENTEL sees advance booking pick up in Rayong & Trat as locals preferred short distance travel near BKK.

Comment: And they’re planning to open all their F&B outlets by November.

CPW sees positive 2Q sales momentum from Apple products & wearable items, firms on plan to add 7 branches in 2H, firms on 20% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: B Grade Com7, but still does decently well.

GPSC eyes 2,000 MW oversea investment via 2 projects, solar farm India 1,700MW and Windfarm Taiwan 200-500MW, wrapping up 1Q22, supported by Bt20b loan from its parent PTT.

PROEN upbeats 2H earnings from healthy demand for internet data center for corporate meeting, VDO online, streaming content, broadcast 7 game online, enterprise cloud, co-location, will bid for power distribution projects for Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) in 2H, sees growth continue in network infra next 3-5 years.

Comment: I’m still confused by this company’s core business. But its releasing the right headlines to the public.

SINGER keeps 25% revenue growth target this year to Bt10b, plans to list SG Capital, its subsidiary, next year.

Comment: They are going to compound growth for the next 2-3 years.

TPOLY wins contract to install delivery hose & pump station for of water supporting EEC in Rayong total Bt191.26m.

Comment: Stupidly cheap as a holdco, but when was the last time they didn’t disappoint with earnings?

UWC sets Bt500-600m for 140 telco bases and towers in the Philippines by this year with immediate revenue recognition, plans another 240 bases and towers next year, with 620 goal in 3 years.

Comment: When I look at the #’s, the management, the shareholders, it just doesn’t pass my POS test.

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