1. Even though key government figures have played down speculation about a House dissolution and the possibility of an early polls, parties, both old and new, are gearing up for a ballot battle, with all eyes on the joint parliamentary session on June 22-23 to debate charter change proposals.
  2. State Railway to sell TOR for Bt78.8b south purple MRT total 6 contracts on July 5 till October 7, bid submission in October, result out December.
  3. Industry urges rethink on token ban: Group argues rule gives edge to Bitkub. The Thailand Digital Asset Operators Trade Association (TDO) is seeking a revision following the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent ban on trading of meme-based tokens such as Dogecoin, fan-based tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and exchange-issued tokens. Bangkok Post
  4. New co-payment phase may expand: The Finance Ministry is willing to expand eligibility for phase 3 of the Khon La Khrueng co-payment scheme beyond the original limit of 31 million people, says directorgeneral of the Fiscal Policy Office Kulaya Tantitemit. Phase 3 of the scheme opened registration yesterday, when more than 20 million people signed up as of 2pm. The scheme is part of the government’s relief measures to help those affected by the pandemic. Bangkok Post
  5. Fifty-seven money changers closed their operations over the past year, while the volume of money exchanged plunged by over 600%, mainly due to the country’s suspension of cross-border travel amid the pandemic.
  6. Govt vows to tackle household debt: Relief schemes, lower interest rates likely. The government has vowed to tackle high household debt, incurred by credit card and personal loans, and offer measures to strengthen the competitiveness of local financial institutions in the long term. Bangkok Post
  7. Country to reopen ‘in 120 days’: PM Prayut admits it’s a calculated risk. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha says his government plans to reopen the country within the next 120 days, despite the risk of a further rise in Covid-19 infections. Bangkok Post
  8. Parties push for 14 changes to charter: Three coalition parties and the opposition are making a unified stand to strip the Senate of its power to take part in selecting a premier by seeking to alter the charter through 14 amendment drafts. Bangkok Post
  9. State to ask Hanoi to review sugar tax: Thailand looks set to ask Vietnam to review its punitive measures on Thai sugar and open a new investigation next year after Vietnam ruled to impose an anti-dumping (AD) levy of 47.64% on some sugar products from Thailand. Bangkok Post
  10. Department of Disease Control (DDC) says 13 deaths which occurred after Covid inoculation are not linked to the vaccines, saying investigations are still ongoing in 55 other cases.
  1. UK has now stated that the virus is here to stay and will continue to get more and more variants

    Boris has said that yes we have to open and yes there will be some people die

    This is a wise decision as any longer the debt and spirit of the people will further decline and once that happens it is hard to get out of

    VAERS is the place where you get proper notices of adverse effects as they do not have a vested interest in the vax

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