CGH sets up PI Ventures with Bt500m capital to expand tech investments, including digital assets and Metaverse related projects around the world.

Comment: They are very good at making money, for themselves, not minority shareholders.

GPSC established jv with PTT, Nuovo Plus, to invest in battery value chain, supporting EV & renewable power storage business.

Comment: Government vs EA vs who are the other players?

NWR’s current projects bidding total Bt39b to release results from 2Q22, aims to secure at least Bt16b, Bt37.7b outstanding backlog to realize till FY25.

SIRI targets FY22 launch plan 46 residential projects total Bt50b, 28 SDH & 18 condos, eyes Bt35b transfer this year.

SPRC expects to erase US$16m retained losses from strong GRM & inventory gains 4Q21, potential dividend payout this year, Tabloid.

Comment: Refinery margins are incredibly strong atm.

UBE launches gluten free organic cassava flour, Tasuko, expects big jump this year after branching out from ethanol production & tapioca starch.

Comment: If you do a dive on their cost structure, you’ll see that they benefit tremendously from rising agri prices. The only q is whether or not they can actually grow their new “higher value” product lines.

WP sets Bt600m FY22 capex to expand LPG downstream business, add solar rooftop capacity to 20mw from current 5mw, revamp LPG cylinder refurbish plant to lower costs.

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