KCE’s growth momentum to continue on higher demand for PCB, boosted by growth in IT products and EV related, while extra windfall from weak THB, Tabloid.

IMH re-open 200 beds community isolation facility for Covid patients in Ratchburana district.

IVL to acquire VN PET packaging co, Ngoc Nghia (NN) capacity 76ktpa for Bt3.1b, transaction to complete by end of 1H22.

Comment: They just can’t help themselves, the cookie munster of the Thai market continues acquiring.

OSP collaborates with Yanhee Vitamin Water Co., to expand cannabis based & hemp-based beverage market, to launch new products mid-FY22.

Comment: Hit the wires yesterday, again choose your winner.

PRINC sees turnaround this year, average EBITDA at 40%, while expanding health and wellness, supported by 3,000 hospital beds at 13 hospitals, with target to 20 by next year.

Comment: It’s the baby BDMS, they’ve been executing this plan since 2013.

SGP upbeats earnings outlook after Energy Policy & Planning Office (EPPO) plan to hike LPG price in February, eyes 5-8% FY22 revenue growth target.

SGF to launch motorbike HP business in 1Q, aims to diversify from auto HP, auto & land title loans to capture high yield & expand coverage to new segment, will launch digital platform to increase exposure, aims to curb FY22 NPL within current 4%.

Comment: Until the banks unleash liquidity into the system, new players are going to keep coming into this segment.

TOP teams up with health tech startup, Mineed Tech, to develop detachable dissolvable microneedles enabling rapid & efficient transdermal drug delivery, seeks more opportunity for value diversification & new S-curve.

Comment: Not sure how this aligns with their core business.

TPIPP mulls bidding for waste power plants PPA total 9 projects, expects higher RDF fuels sales vol this yr as cement plants shift source of power to reduce energy costs.

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