CHG raised holding in Mae Sot Hospital to 90% from 80%.

BAFS expects 2% aviation fuel sales growth this year, plans Bt700m acquisition of 13MW solar PP oversea, sees 2H recovery from contribution of recently acquired 34.4mw solar projects bought from PDI in March.

LALIN kick-off pre-sales 2 SDH projects next week total Bt1.05b, firms on full year launch plan 10-12 projects, focus on real demand & costs control, maintaining Bt7b FY21 revenue target.

MINT estimate subsidiary, Minor Hotel Group (Maldives), to expand hotel business.

Comment: Yes the established a sub there. Why? Could be easier to raise capital from third parties.

SAT revised industry’s auto production forecast this year to 1.7m from 1.5m, helped by exports, boosting its revenue growth this year by 20%.

Comment: Why are car sales great? 1) YoY – low base 2) Leasing companies globally dumped their fleets and now have to rebuy 3) Several countries have tax incentives to purchase passenger vehicles etc etc..

SENA said 2Q presales is higher than 1Q, after booking Bt1.5b during April-May, boosting 5M21 to Bt2.5b, plans 18 new projects worth Bt16.7b, mostly small sized projects at <Bt1m/unit.

SFT anticipates another record high profit 2Q21 from strong sleeve labels & stretch film orders, will launch premium packaging line in 2H, target double digits growth this year.

STANLY upbeats earnings visibility from lamp orders for big bike & Honda Scoopy as demand from delivery riders grow, expects higher margins from improved utilization rates & lower SG&A, will expand capacity to accommodate EV lamps production.

Comment: As it always is…stupidly cheap share price.

TIDLOR: local fund, Bualuang AM, raised holding by 0.539% to 5.0161% of total outstanding on Wednesday.

Comment: And boom! Now watch Bualuang Securities issue positive research papers on it.

TKT reaffirms solid turnaround 2H supported by auto parts order from Toyota for 3 models and other manufacturers, tailwind from plastic parts for home appliances producers and mold sales.

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