CIMBT will revert to normal LLP in 2H, after having set extra in 2Q, confident of controlling NPLs at below 3.6% and emphasizing on digital lending, while fees from wealth business rose 20-25% yoy.

Comment: This is the key point, now banks, excl KBANK, are going to report real numbers. 

SPCG target 50MW solar rooftop installation this year, from current 35-40MW, focusing on industrial clients, while revenue from 480MW outlookUkujima will be realized from 2023.

Comment: Their issue is that their old PPA’s terms are expiring and you’ll see a huge drop in profits which will have to be replaced….

TKN target double digit revenue growth target this year, to work on cost control in 2H, while raw material costs fell 10%, to expand domestic market.

Comment: Despite the shut down, their earnings came out far better expected.

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