CK – Expects good 1Q13 revenues — CK said 1Q13 revenue will be good after booking revenue from several construction projects. Currently, the company has backlog of Bt163bn. 1Q13 earnings will also be boosted by the booking of the sale of its shares in TTW to BECL. CK plans to list CK Power in March. (Khao Hoon, 15/01/13)

Comment: CK’s share price performance has been linked to the infrastructure funds and its company’s reorganisation of its holding structure to take advantage of it

OISHI – Recovery ahead — OISHI expects a recovery in the company’s performance, as it plans to operate at full capacity this year. It will introduce two new flavors, “Strawberry Melon” and “”Lemon Berry”, for its fruit tea product line, Fruito. The company targets sales for the first year to reach Bt500-800mn and expects its beverage business to grow double digits this year. The company plans to increase its market share by 5%, to stand above 50%. (Khao Hoon, 15/01/13)

MCOT – MCOT exits digital TV race — MCOT, the operator of Modernine TV, has had to drop its plan to acquire a permit to operate a public digital terrestrial TV channel because of unfavorable regulations. According to NBTC regulations, the operator of a public digital terrestrial TV channel is not allowed to make a profit, but may earn just enough revenue to run the business. This may have been a problem for the listed MCOT. However, MCOT’s plan to bid for three commercial licenses to operate channels for children/family, news/information and general programs remains unchanged. As well, it wants to have an operating license for a high-definition channel. (Nation, 15/01/2013)

Comment: I don’t really see the growth impact on the industry with this digital satellite play that has pushed up several of the production co’s i.e. WORK plc, perhaps someone could help enlighten me

PTT – PTT unveils B1tn blueprint — The PTT group plans to invest Bt1tn under its five-year investment plan through 2017, says chief executive Pailin Chuchottaworn. (Bangkok Post, 15/01/13)

PTTEP – 2012 earnings to reach Bt53bn — PTTEP’s earnings for 2012 have soared up to Bt53bn as it reaches it sales and production targets. The company expects continual growth this year, with Bongkot project to operate at its full capacity at 900 million cubic feet per day. Its Montara plant is also expected to operate this quarter. (Khao Hoon, 15/01/13)

Comment: Our feeling is that this year may belong to the energy sector in Thailand as a result of sector rotation and the continuously growing global economy.


WHA seeks space for Bt4.8bn warehouse center — WHA Corporation is looking for a location in Greater Bangkok to build a Bt4.8bn warehouse and distribution centre with more than 300,000 square metres of space to support global firms with businesses in Thailand. (The Nation, 15/01/13)

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