CK Power starts to operate Bang Pa-in plant commercially — CK Power Plc commenced commercial operations at phase 1 of its Bang Pa-in cogeneration power plant on June 28. (The Nation, 05/07/13)


MCOT in deal to broadcast selected EPL matches — The board of MCOT Plc, the broadcaster of Modernine TV, is seeking to buy the rights to broadcast English Premier League (EPL) football on a match-by-match basis from the rights holder CTH. Mcot chairman Sutham Saengpratum said the committee yesterday agreed to buy the rights to broadcast EPL football match by match under two options. First, MCOT will pay Bt2.5mn per selected match to CTH. The company will share half the revenue obtained from the live broadcast to the cable TV operator. Second, MCOT will pay Bt2mn per match and share half of its revenue from both live and recorded broadcasts to CTH. MCOT has already secured EPL sponsorship packages worth Bt248.5mn for the first season. (Bangkok Post, 05/07/13)


Gets contact contracts for China — MONO is to provide content for China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom to a customer base of 150mn. The company will only invest Bt300mn, while promoting its movie “Pee Mak Phra Khanon” in China. (Khao Hoon, 05/07/13)

Comment: This is a relatively recent IPO so I don’t know much on this business


PTT may put off Bt360bn capex plan – PTT might postpone some projects as part of the review next month of its five-year capital-expenditure plan in response to signs of an economic slowdown in China, less liquidity in global markets, and the United States tapering off its economic stimulus measures in the near future. (The Nation, 05/07/13)


1H13 revenue growth strong — JMART announced strong revenue growth of 30% for 1H13 and is confident that revenues this year will grow by 40%. The company sees expansion opportunities and will invest Bt250mn to set up 60 more branches, while aiming to establish up to 280 by year end. It plans to open 90 branches in Myanmar and to enter Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos within two years. (Khao Hoon, 05/07/13)

Comment: This company is just fantastic, doesn’t stop to grow


First half sales make new record — SIRI sales for the first half of the year hit a new record of Bt29bn or 60% of this year’s target sales of Bt48bn. Management guarantees that revenues this year will reach its target of Bt35bn, with its Bt63bn current backlog. During 2H13, the company will launch 23 new projects worth Bt26bn. (Khao Hoon, 05/07/13)

Comment: Management guarantees? Whats the matter here? K. Srettha didn’t sell off his holdings in time?


Talks a must on post-concession care – CAT Telecom, True Move and Digital Phone have to discuss among themselves who will take care of the 17mn users of TrueMove and DPC after their concessions expire on September 15. (The Nation, 05/07/13)

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