CPALL anticipates 2H turnaround from eased financial burden after refinance MAKRO deal, target 700 new 7-11 branches by end of year after opened 209 in 1Q, target 100 outlets in Cambodia by end of year, debuts first 7-11 branch in Laos this year, ramp up promo on 7-11 Delivery & All Online to boost sales, adds more vending machines.

Comment: Everyone is saying this…but no the debt is still there, and it’s going to continue to harm the equity value of CPALL until it’s paid off.

FORTH mulls spinning off Tao Bin Robotic Barista & Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to unlock value, seeks partners to expand Ginga EV charging stations, target 5k chargers installed by end of year.

MOSHI sees qtd SSSG >20% thanks to higher sales of accessories & lifestyle products sales on improved tourism, allots Bt150m budget to expand branches & revamp IT, target full year revenue growth >20%.

Comment: Need to judge this as a retailer…but I just don’t know what differentiates them from every Japanese retailer that operates in Thailand.

SPALI sees growth in 2Q transfers and completion of a Bt1.4b condo project, ready to launch 7 more worth Bt8.8b, firms on Bt36b revenue target this year.

SPCG sees 2Q solar rooftop sales at Bt250m, on rising demand, sets up new subsidiary to expand household solar roof, target 750MW within 2-3 years, and 480MW Ukujima power plant in Japan to COD Jul 24.

TRUE digital payment unit, True Money, mulls applying virtual bank license to expand financial services, lower finance costs from its own deposit base, open room to pursue high yield loans from currently acting as banking agent for KKP.

Comment: I hope they expand into this, it’ll just result in TRUE continually destroying capital, and lead to the other players in the industry forced to overinvest and charge no fees = a win for us consumers.

TSE to participate 2nd round of renewable PPA auction from Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), aims to secure at least 150mw PPA from total 3,668mw offering, firms on sustainable growth driven by 7 renewable projects combined 88.66mw to cod till FY30 from current 35 projects total 286.2mw on hand, expects record high profit this year.

Comment: It’s a financial game for this industry now, the companies are looking at high single digit project irrs, and if they are lucky, a teen’s equity irr.

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