CPANEL reported 6 contracts signed in May to supply precast concrete (4 horizontal, 2 vertical) total Bt263.8m, lifting backlog to Bt1.311b, mulls expand capacity by 25% to 990k sqm. by end of 3Q to expand wider range of products.

DMT sees daily avg tollway traffic QTD at 98k trips/d driven by recovery air traffic via DMK airport, improved logistic activities.

Nissan Motor Thailand and IVL are helping government shape a cleaner future by producing more zero-emission cars and adopting eco-friendly manufacturing.

Comment: I want to see this movement burn. Zero-emissions cars are bullshit, there said it, the environmental cost of buying/manufacturing an EV is greater than an ICE. You would have to drive an EV for 160k km before it “matches” the total emissions of an ICE car. And this isn’t even taking into account the improvements in ICE cars for gasoline consumption. The business model for EVs doesn’t work without a stupid amount of government subsidies and how on earth will there be any significant increase in EV vehicles on the road without a significant mass investment in the re-electrification of the grid…

GFPT, CPF, BTG and TFG may benefit after Brazil, #1 chicken exporter, declared a zoosanitary state of emergency nationwide for 180 days after cases of H5N1 avian influenza virus infection were detected in wild birds.

Comment: It’s becoming rather amusing that we have to understand bioscience and bird flus, at least this one didn’t come from China therefore no lockdowns nor food impact…

GPSC revised up capacity target to 7,900mw by end of FY25 from 7,200mw previous guidance, expects meaningful turnaround 2Q from lower feedstock costs, improved efficiency on resumption of GHECO-One (54 days maintenance shutdown in 1Q), contribution from investment in 250mw Avaada Solar India.

MINT sets Bt31-33b food revenue target, +17-20% yoy, after new high 4M23 revenue, sets Bt1.7-1.8b capex to add 200 more branches, launches 4 new brands, Poulet French cuisine, Riverside Grilled Fish, Gaga bubble tea & FRYs in 2H.

Comment: They have keep launching new brands because outside of DQ they’re losing market share or -SSSG, just have a look at pizza company…

PLANB anticipates 2Q ad space utilization rate stays above 65%, upbeats outlook from larger spending on OOH media especially transit media & airport on improved tourism, mulls revising up full year revenue target from current Bt7.5b.

STARK’s trading will resume temporary on June 1, no ceiling/floor price caps, and cash trading only.

Comment: Fun day ahead!

    • Oil companies love this … no need for expensive capex for new oil fields…higher oil prices…government subsidies to go into “renewable” energy to make a guaranteed return. They’re having the time of their lives.

      Now to the vehicles…I’ll start with this.
      If Volvo says a car needs to reach at least a certain mileage before it can be considered to have a lower “carbon” impact, it’s one step to calling bs on this mandate. I work w/ #s on a daily basis, I can make the turn the prettiest pig into a supermodel w/ numbers.
      What are the environmental impacts of needing to develop more mines? The current mining capacity isn’t anywhere enough to provide EVs for what governments are stating. Having visited enough mines…they aren’t cheap, they don’t come quickly, and they’re definitely not “clean”
      What would the real cost be to consumers without all these subsidies?
      What are the real costs of owning the vehicle? Increased tyre production as EVs wear them out 2x faster? Battery replacement? How does this get recycled? Aren’t the batteries even worse for the environment?
      No impact on the grid? Perhaps only 2 countries/regions could possibly do it, 1 is Singapore & the other are the major cities in China.

      Now, I love, LOVE, new tech, new innovations, I’ve driven the tesla model s, the porsche taycan, thoroughly enjoyed them, and who doesn’t want to save the world?? However to be force fed a narrative that EVs are better for the world? No it’s rubbish. Granted this is based upon current thinking, perhaps there are breakthroughs in the battery technology that require far less volumes of raw materials & less neutrons to be charged. Perhaps there are breakthroughs in utilising nuclear tech to power a grid. And on the flip side, we’ve see the fuel consumption of ICE cars improve dramatically over the past decades, how far could this evolve?

      For now, my 20 year old highly polluting car is treating me very nicely. I’m going to keep it.

      Pon – A lover of V8 engine manual cars.

    • No idea…

      But proven incompetent management implies that any institution will (or should) dump it, the retail investors stuck in there will also probably race for the exit, at one price point it could be attractive, as there is still value in the core business.

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