CPALL: sees positive SSSG and wider margin qtd supported by recovery consumption, improves product mix & 7-11 branches expansion in Laos & Cambodia.

Comment: How many of you were surprised by that 1Q? The dog has finally awoken.

ITD: Bt122m -60% yoy, GPM fell to 7.31% from 10.8% yoy due to losses in mining project & construction business, lower contribution from overseas business.

Comment: Panther killer go byebye

MAJOR: decrease of co., paid-up cap by write off 65.53m repurchase shares (7.32% of total paid-up) from 894.66m shares to 829.137m shares, effective today.

Comment: This is 1 reason why I don’t quite care for buybacks – just payout the cash…tax isn’t an issue. Such a waste of capital.

OSP: upbeat 1Q net profit Bt828m +6.5% yoy, beat Bt798m consensus, thanks to robust sales growth +10.9% yoy (beverage +15.1% yoy & personal care products +8.7% yoy).

RS: inked a strategic partnership deal with BCP to expand pet shop (Pet Parent) at BCP’s stations, target 20 outlets by end of year, 50 branches within 3 years.

Comment: Hmm RS pet shop? Music…MLM product pumping…TV shopping…pumping $hitcoins….and now a petshop…well why not…

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