AUCT: sees robust traffic thru auction yard upcountry, seeks to expand network to accommodate >48k vehicles p.a.

Comment: They are minting it!

BTG mulls up pet food production capacity to 110k tpa to fill local & overseas demand, launches premium PET food (Perfecta Holistic Grain Free) to boost sales, target 10% CAGR over the next 5 years.

GUNKUL’s suspending its investment in cannabis and hemp related business, pending clarity from government regarding its policy on drugs.

Comment: Good, let’s ban all this recreational $hit, I’m all for the medicinal purposes..but not walking around my office and schools and smelling this crap.

GFPT upbeats 2Q margin supported by strong domestic chicken selling price at Bt44-45/kg and lower feedmill costs yoy, allots Bt1.2b capex to expand production capacity, firms on 3-5% FY24 revenue growth target.

Comment: And boom, it could probably do another 20% and then you sell and then you wait for another 2 years…

PROEN: cash call via RO 519.47m shares to existing holders at 1:1, issues free warrant (PROEN-W2) 4:1, will use proceed to develop datacenter, working cap.

Comment: Hmmm ok…

7UP: co., name changed to All Energy & Utilities Pcl, ticker changed to AE, effective tomorrow (May 16).

Comment: It’s stupid companies like this that make me love the stupidity of equity markets at times.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    GUNKUL/cannabis, hemp: ok, i am with you there, but this being thailand do you really believe that there would be any clear regulations concerning cannabis and hemp usage in future?

    there should have been exact rules for cannabis usage in the first place since back when it was decriminalized.

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