CPF unveiled its three-year business plan. It expects revenue from the broiler business to reach Bt50bn and plans to raise the contribution of processed chicken. It expects export growth of 10% annually. It expects revenue from the broiler business to reach Bt45bn this year, +10%YoY. (Thun Hoon, 26/9/18)
Comment: As a holdco its ridiculously cheap, but we all know this in the market….
CPN in DJSI Emerging Markets. CPN said it is the first and only property development company that has been selected to be included in DJSI Emerging Markets for five consecutive years. It plans to be included in DJSI World in the future. (Kao Hoon, 26/9/18)
Comment: And with this it just means that more funds will be allocated to CPN in the future.
CPT is continuing to bid for many projects, raising backlog. It is working to set up sale offices in Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia this year to provide long-term growth. It appointed Noppadol Wichienkuer as MD recently. (Kao Hoon, 26/9/18)
DELTA has received many jobs, boosting 3Q18 results. Management expects revenue growth of 10% this year. It says the trade war is giving benefits. (Thun Hoon, 26/9/18)
GPI says marketing growth has beat its expectations after receiving many jobs from automotive customers. Many automotive producers are stimulating sales volume through exhibitions and events. (Kao Hoon, 26/9/18)
ILINK was awarded a PEA power station project worth Bt65.2mn, raising backlog to Bt2.8bn. The backlog will be booked as revenue through 2020. It is bidding for many projects with total value of Bt300mn. Management expects earnings to turn around with no extra loss in 2H18. (Thun Hoon, 26/9/18)
Comment: YoY earnings are going to look great for ILINK but only because of the massive write off last year…
MACO expects 4Q18 results to grow, supported by high season of OOH media. It says it has many bookings to advertise on its billboards, raising utilization rate to 70%. It will book a full year of revenue from Multidesign and targets revenue growth of 15-20% this year. It is studying to invest in the media business at home and abroad. (Thun Hoon, 26/9/18)
NPPG is confident that its food business will grow by 20% to more than Bt300mn after it redesigned A&W restaurants. It plans to add 10-15 branches to reach 45 branches this year and targets to reach 100 branches in 2030. It is negotiating to acquire 2-3 food brands with deals in 2019. (Thun Hoon, 26/9/18)
ORI unveiled its 4Q18 plan. It will launch three property projects worth Bt15bn. It will launch low-rise projects and condominiums with total value of Bt32bn next year. It is positive about BoT warnings that commercial banks should be careful in providing home loans and that property developers should be cautious about big-lot sales. (Kao Hoon, 26/9/18)
Comment: Hmm and now the BOT is looking at the property market closely…well…lets see what happens…in the end it will depend upon if there any new regulations placed upon the banks regarding mortgage lending.
PTTEP and Chevron are competing to bid for Bongkot and Erawan gas fields. The results will be announced in December. PTTEP joined with Mubadara and Chevron joined with Mitsui and both are bidding for both Erawan and Bongkot. (Kao Hoon, 26/9/18)
Comment: Should be in the bag for PTTEP
SE expects 2H18 results to be outstanding as it will book 40% of the revenue from Utility Business Alliance Limited. It has backlog of Bt150mn and 50% of this will be booked as revenue this year. It targets revenue growth of 30%. (Thun Hoon, 26/9/18)
SUPER is preparing to file for an infrastructure fund around end-September to early October. It expects approval within January 2019. The infrastructure fund will include two solar power plants with electricity generation capacity of 118MW worth Bt8.5-9bn. It expects revenue of Bt6bn this year and grow to Bt7bn next year. Next year, COD is expected to add 180-200MW. (Kao Hoon, 26/9/18)
Comment: More news on this magical filing! But perhaps for the first time it is close to being a reality

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