CPF to set up shrimp farm in the U.S. to reduce logistic costs and tax barrier.

FSMART to add 2,000 top-up machines and 4,000 vending machines this year, to start distribution biz and car title loans.

Comment: Well there we go, more ways for low income earners to mortgage their future.

LANNA buys RDF fuel producer, SRT Power Pellet, for Bt90m, will bk immediate contribution from 2Q.

MAJOR: 007 No Time to Die pushed from Apr 3 to Nov 12 due to Covid-19.

Comment: Cinemas must be empty at the moment, 1H20 will be awful, still think we’ll see a good snapback in earnings 3Q vs 2Q/1Q earnings are going to look ridiculously good. This is an interesting period.

TRUBB reaffirms big jump 1Q from strong rubber sales on the back of demand for medical supplies, maintenance 140k tons sales volume target this year.

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