APCO target 70% revenue growth this year driven by sales of medical supplies on the back of Covid-19.

Comment: TQM seems to be the name that the retail market has liked for this.

BAY sees heavy debt load on GEN Z new grads age 21-24, stringent on consumer credits to curb NPLs

Comment: I think the debt load is on the parents that have bought their homes, cars, taking their trips and now the younger generation that was used to living off their parents can’t anymore. Plus starting salaries still haven’t’ really gone anywhere in the past 10 years

BGRIM signs 8mw PPA, lifts FY20 cod target to 31mw.

Comment: Will BGRIM’s share price go the way of the previous energy/reneweable players, high on the hopes and then as reality takes a longer time to achieve comes back down to earth? Same question can be applied to GULF.

CK wins tap water projects worth Bt 340m.

GULF sees 10% revenue growth this year and big jump next year to Bt50b, thanks to revenue contribution from 2,500MW GSRC PP, sets Bt140b 7-year capex.

Comment: See BGRIM

ILINK firms on 15% revenue growth target driven by cable maintenance projects for EGAT & 5G network expansion, Bt1.6b backlog to realize till FY22.

JUBILE sets 8-10% revenue growth target this year, with 6-8% from existing stores and 2-3% from new stores and products.

Comment: If they achieve this it would be quite impressive

VNG to sell 223.85m new share in RO at 7 old : 1 new @ Bt3.75, bracing for hard landing from covid-19.

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