CPN in talk to buy 29.58% of commercial property developer (SF) from MAJOR at Bt12/share before tender for the remaining shares, aiming to obtain East BKK shopping complex, Mega Bangna, Tabloid.

Comment: WOW. CPN has recently taken GLAND and now SF. They are the retail play for Thailand

FPT rent out 15,350 sq.m. cargo warehouse to B2B & B2C e-commerce management solution co, Fulfillment.

JMT allots Bt8b budget to scoop up NPLs in 2H, in talk to invest in assets appraisal business, expects to wrap up in 3Q, firms on record high profit this year.

Comment: Supply for NPLs is 2x the buying potential of firms such as JMT. It just depends if banks (under the BOT) are going to provision/NPL them or just delay delay delay.

RPC wins supreme court final verdict on 2 disputed cases with PTT, will book Bt1.282b compensation for damage in 2Q.

Comment: I’m pleased to see this. PTT effectively put RPC out of business a decade ago.

WHART’s unitholders approved capital increase up to Bt5.54b, not exceeding 400.6m units, offering in 4Q, will use proceed to buy 3 assets from WHA, including Mega Logistic Center Wangnoi 62 & Bangna km23, E-commerce park Bang Pakong.

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