Central Festival Chiang Mai opening November 14 — CPN will open Central Festival Chiangmai, its 22nd retail outlet, worth more than Bt7bn, on November 14. This will be the north’s largest shopping mall. The company will partner up on promotional campaigns. (Khao Hoon, 05/11/13)

Comment: They are just dominating the upcountry area with their malls


GL to buy Cambodian firm- SET-listed Group Lease Plc (GL) plans to acquire a microfinance company in Cambodia as part of its effort to boost overseas revenue to more than 50% by 2015. Should the deal go through, GL will become the majority shareholder in the Cambodian firm with a 80% stake. The microfinance firm has Bt2bn in outstanding loans and a customer base of 150,000 accounts. (Bangkok Post, 05/11/13)

Comment: Such a wonderful story this company has


Targets 9-11% loan growth in 2014 — KBANK targets 2014 loan growth at 9-11% and plans to cut NPLs to 2.2%, and targets non interest income growth of 15%, with a larger contribution from bancassurance. (Kao Hoon, 5/11/13)


GSP#5 back up at full speed — PTT says that gas separation plant #5 is now back in full operation at 100% capacity. It also said it expects its petrochemical plant deal in Vietnam to be concluded next year and that it will offer new 7-year bonds worth Bt22bn with 4.75% interest per annum this month. (Khao Hoon, 05/11/13)


Sanko Diecasting expects to miss year’s sales target – Sanko Diecasting (Thailand) Plc – a supplier of high-pressure die-cast aluminum and moulded zinc components (HPDC) for car manufacturers, electrical appliances makers, and the agricultural machinery sector – expects this year’s sales to miss its target due to a slow-down in the vehicle market for most of the year. (The Nation, 05/11/13)

Comment: Every manufacturer related to automotives are strugglying YoY, we think that value is going to be appearing in this sector


Expects profit growth of 500% in 2013 — WHA said that revenues for the year will exceed Bt7.1bn with profit growth of 500% YoY, driven by revenues from higher rental and services and also the sale of assets into WHAPF. It said 3Q13 was a strong quarter. (Khao Hoon, 05/11/13)

Comment: Nice numbers, constantly growing, but no way it deserves these valuations

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