To issue bonds — CPALL has boosted its bond issue for institutional and retail investors to Bt50bn from Bt40bn in response to strong demand. (Khao Hoon, 4/11/13)

Comment: Only positive out of this is that brokers can stop passing rumours around of a potential high FX Cost with the dollar loans.


GEN acquires Suntech Metal — GEN has purchased Suntech Metal for Bt459mn. Suntech Metal original operated a scrap metal recycle plant. GEN believes that the acquisition will boost its growth as the deal was done below book value. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/13)


Looking at bidding for Bt1.5bn in projects — HYDROplans to bid for at least 10 projects worth Bt1.5bn in 4Q13, getting in on next year’s government investment budget and continuing private investment. It aims for 20%revenue growth in 2014. (Khao Hoon, 4/11/13)

Comment: Hydro along with UAC and a few other smaller companies are trying their best to ensure they can grab as much share of the government’s alternative energy projects


Expanding into high-grade steel — MILL will expand into construction materials and high grade steel in hopes that this will widen profit margin. It targets sales revenue growth of +15% or Bt2bn next year. It hoped to conclude the TSSI acquisition deal by yearend. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/13)


Says 3QFY13 will be a new high for revenue — VGI says 3QFY13 (Oct-Dec 2013) will give it a new high for revenue, on higher demand for New Year and Christmas promotions. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/13)

Comment: A wonderful monopoly!


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