CPN launches 5 campaigns to boost traffic at malls by 20%, emphasizing on Music Phenomenon during new year-end countdown format.

GUNKUL board approved Bt1.47b investment in 50MW solar PP in Vietnam, boosting capacity there to 150MW.

INSET secured Bt300m 5G network installation projects, ink deal Jan 21, expects to win at least 3 contracts from current bidding 8 projects total Bt1b next year.

KTB reassures readiness for Shopping subsidy scheme phase 2 registrations, 500k transactions/min capacity should be able to cope with traffic tomorrow.

MBK launches promo campaign via its App, offering up to 50% discounts on F&B after 7:30 pm.

RAM raises holding in JV 300 beds hospital 14 acres outskirt of BKK, Ramnakara, to 36.86% from 27.33%, target cod in FY23.

SAWAD raised holding in Sawad Capital (SCAP) to 65% to expand coverage in consumer finance business, mulls listing over next 2 years.

Comment: Of course they’ll do it, this group knows how to utilise capital markets well.

SPCG sees capacity increased to 1,000MW by 2026, the highest among solar-farm PP, boosted by 500MW worth Bt23b in EEC.

Comment: Correct, but look at the dilution on existing SPCG shareholders

STANLY: Aberdeen cuts holding by 0.0178% to 4.9954% of total outstanding last Wednesday (December 9).

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