CRC launched health supplements store, TopVita, target health conscious consumers, aims to expand coverage from grocery, F&B, fashion & hardline retailers to healthcare segment, target 150 outlets by FY24.

Comment: They are cementing their role as the retail juggernaut. If you see the figures of HL you’ll understand why, and go to the Ministry of Commerce and get Boots Thailand’s figures, they are astounding.

EPG firms on Bt13-15b revenue this year (ending Mar 23), +12-15% yoy, on solid growth in Aeroklas and Aeroflex, keeps high margin, while solar rooftop, CODed in Nov, to help save Bt80-100m in energy costs.

JMART mulls taking over Suki Teenoi restaurant and list on the SET, Tabloid. Teenoi has plan to expand branches to 60 and Bt3b in revenue target.

Comment: What isn’t this group going to do?

MC sees double digit sales growth in 1Q22-23 (ending Sept 22), on sales campaign and recovering tourism, mulls 3 new collections and 45-50 Mc Outlet, boosting overall sales by 10-20%.

Comment: A decent barometer on upcountry spending.

OSP launches sugar-free C-Vit vitamin C drink, firms on Bt4b sales this year.

SAPPE maintains 30% FY22 sales growth target from strong sales of Mogu Mogu fruit juice blended with coconut jelly, larger exposure to overseas mkt, expects strong THB revenue from weak currency as 70% of sales comes from abroad.

Comment: The way they’ve developed this brand is incredible. Made it purely for the Korean market, became a success there, and then brought it over to France saying its a Korean brand and not a Thai brand, distributors loved it and pushed it through the market.

TOG reaffirms solid 3Q supported by strong lens sales as corporate customers shift orders from China due to supply chain disruption from zero Covid policy, sees margin remained healthy from costs control, tailwind from weak THB.

Comment: Haven’t understood what drove the margins so well in 2021, but this company has been rather stable over the past decade in terms of revenue. But do realise they are an OEM.

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