DMT mulls bidding for rest area’s commercial service plaza from Department of Highway, seeks to branch out from tollway business, shorter payback period, avoid heavy capex.

Comment: This group were “Clever” in getting their 1 concession which ended up paying great dividends for decades. Let’s see if the next generation can figure out how to do business or if they’ll also be “clever” and get another concession.

KBANK teams up LU International & Robowealth to launch FinVest app, enable TH investors to invest in >1,000 offshore funds from 33 AM directly via mobile app.

Comment: Wow. But meh at the end of the day. Retail investors better double check all the hidden fees.

SCC’s wholly owned unit, SCG Chemical, signed purchase agreement with BBL to buy 5.37% stake in BKK Synthetic a producer of nitrile latex, butadine & synthetic rubber producer, for Bt 1.65b, lifts total to 54.2% post transaction, aims to boost value to its integrated chem chain.

Comment: The big boys are hunting for things to buy. Market share going to a few – this trend isn’t going to change for years.

SPALI launches Bt530m horizontal project Pattaya-Motorway September 25-26, to capitalize on demand around EEC.

TAKUNI sees yoy growth in profit this year on stronger 2H, supported by Bt5b backlog, pending outcomes of 3 projects it bid worth Bt1b.

TEAMG signed water supply & water treatment management contract for Sawanpracharak hospital, clean water will be sold thru the distribution system for domestic & medical usage in hospital for a period of 25 years & will recover water fee based on actual usage.

Comment: SCC being an owner paying off already?

TM keeps Bt700m revenue target this year, supported by covid-related medical supplies, including latest Bt100m sales in ATK.

Comment: Would very much love to go through all the shareholders bank accounts and relationships to the government

TU in talk to buy 10% stake in RBF from major shareholder, Ratanapumipinyo family, at Bt16 apiece, vs Bt19.9 last traded price, Tabloid.

Comment: Does this confirm the hemp industry trend? Or is TU attempting to buy their way into a new industry as they haven’t figured out how to develop any real “value added” products inhouse.

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