DOD to import 10 hemp species from the US by end of June or early Jule, 4-5 months from planting to harvesting, and into products by 4Q21.

Comment: I do find it ridiculous that Thailand doesn’t ensure an organic internal system, but that’s because of the usual structure of the country with interests controlling parts of the industry chain.

OR target 100 EV quick charge stations installed by end of year, will add 200 next year, expects fuels sales volume pick up 2H as people gradually vaccinated.

Comment: What are the best plays for EV….we have EA, GPSC, ROJNA, OR…what else?

PLANB anticipates 2H turnaround from recovery out-of-home (OOH) media following vaccines distribution, larger coverage of digital display at 7-11, maintaining Bt5b FY21 revenue target.

Comment: Everyone is going to do great 2H21 – 1H22.

SAWAD’s firm on 20% loan growth target, despite covid, seeing higher growth in 2H, while quick-cash JV with Government Saving Bank will have 300 kiosks set up at GSB’s branches, boosting car title loans up Bt5-7b. this year.

Comment: People will be surprised by the growth…

SPACK upbeats outlook from strong container sales on growing foods deliver services, foods exports & med supplies, foam packaging ban boost demand.

THCOM sets up satellite services subsidiary, TC Space Connect, to expand telcos, satellite & related business.

Comment: Track what’s going on here…could be a surprise (positive or negative)

TPIPP reaffirms Bt12b FY21 revenue target, sees power gen efficiency >98%, will wrap up waste 2 PP PPA combined 17.82mw within Aug, target 580mw by FY25

Comment: If not for the family name, this should be 30-50% higher.

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