KBANK-R : buying of NVDR is allowed again from today after take-up rate fell to 22.81% yesterday, following a massive NVDR outflows past 2 days from MSCI deletion, but do not expect MSCI to add back on soon, as the headroom is small, unless the Central Bank allows NVDR room to increase to 30-35% as before, from 25% cap currently.

Comment: It’s amusing how regulations such as these can have an impact on a stock market’s performance.

KEX in talk partner to expand thermal control, large-scale logistic, will finalize deal in 2H, aims to expand segment coverage, diversifies from door to door delivery services.

Comment: They’ll have to as now the market is finally aware of Flash express.

HMPRO: 3 days shut down at Ratchadaphisek branch for Covid screening & disinfectant, 2nd branch closure aft Ekkamai-Ram Intra branch close on June 4th

MCS secured 3 new contracts, 51,600 tons in total, eyes 2-3 more, boosting backlog to 100K tons to be realized until 2023.

Comment: Don’t be surprised to see great inventory gains, but squeezed margins

MODERN sees qoq growth in 2Q21 on higher online sales and deferred booking of revenue to 2Q, mulls M&A deal in furniture and med equipment this year.

NER raised revenue target this year to Bt24.5b with 440K tons on higher demand and new clients.

PR9 said 1st lot of Moderna vaccines, 20K doses, will be available by October this year.

Comment: Moderna was a company close to bankruptcy and this casedemnic brought its profits back to life.

PROEN branches out from data center & cloud service contractor to power distribution & high voltage transmission line, expects to award 1-2 projects from Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) total Bt200m-500m in 2H.

PTTGC’s shareholders voted to sell the remaining 12.73% of GPSC to PTT, with Bt9-10b gains booked in 2Q21.

TK scraps plan to expand hire-purchase & micro finance business in Myanmar, risk/reward profile unattractive as unrest persist.

Comment: Because TK is incredibly conservative in their approach, I doubt there’ll be any big write-offs/provisions due to Myanmar.

TQM sees growth momentum in 2Q, new record revenue on continued covid coverage sales, with Cambodia expansion plan in 3Q and Easy Lending business in Thailand.

Comment: And the question regarding revenue growth shall arise in 3Q

TRUE launches Gigatex Fiber Pro BB with Wifi6 smart router & TrueID streaming TV box bundle pkg, aims to boost revenue from upgrade, draw new subscribers.

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