DTC signs mgt agreement with Fengshun Jindebao Kaiyue International to rebrand & management 190 guest rooms under the name of Dusit Princess Hot Springs Resort Fengshun, Guangdone, cod this April, will add 3 more hotels in China this year.

Comment: A second announcement

KTC expects KTB Leasing M&A transaction to complete before end of May, expects healthier loanbook from larger secured loans in portfolio, anticipates record high profit this year.

Comment: It’s a far smaller deal that what the market expected, off memory some THB 500 mn in existing revenue, however the opportunity exists for KTC to utilise their existing network/book of clients in order to generate more sales/user.

IP teams up Huawei to create Probac Fit Series smart watches & scales supporting abdominal fat reduction, reduce waist circumference, targets obese people, weight control, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol as well as healthy ppl, aiming to penetrate the smart health care market, reinforces leadership in biotic innovation.

Comment: Hmmmmmm why not, basically a smart watch, makes the firm look like a biotech player and will help to defend its valuation. Does it make sense? No….simple solution is that people should stop eating $hit.

OR may be put under “Cash Balance” by the SET this Friday to become effective from Monday 22 February, as share price had risen 89% in 2 days since listing, Tabloid quoted an analyst as saying, but may not have much -VE impact since it’s due to be added to SET50/SET100 from tomorrow February 17 and MSCI Standard at close of Feb 25.

Comment: I call this the UBI for mid-higher income earners in Thailand

PTT branches out from Oil & Gas to life science business focusing on pharmaceutical innovation, food science, med equipment & diagnostic tech in health, environment & food applications, aiming to boost value from downstream petroleum chains.

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