EE’s ready to speed up expansion in hemp business, in M&A and JV, with Bt600m capex to boost current crop from 50K, to deliver all canabis flower to JP at Bt7,500 to Bt20,000/kg depending on CBD percentage level.

Comment: Here is the issue atm for the cannabis space, no one knows the market price, the spread is massive.

NER said rubber price had risen by 10-15% yoy, due to Russian-Ukraine conflict, in line with global price, but sees limited impact from shipping costs as it has re-focused to domestic sales, and has struct a deal with customers to share 50:50 on extra shipping costs.

Comment: It’s party time for every commodity player.

SABUY signed partnership with BCP to establish Shipsmile parcel drop-off kiosk for Shipsmile service at retail stations nationwide.

Comment: They’ll utilise BCP stations.

SYNEX sees FY22 sales reaches all time high >Bt40b, +15% yoy from healthy demand for IT products from corporate investment, tailwind from gaming products, expects wider margin this year from house brand & cyber security business.

Comment: We’re already in a cyber war. Thought names that benefit from this should be far higher, perhaps no one cares about hacking into Thai institutions much…

  1. Call me a glutton for punishment but I’ve just bought into Demco heavily in the low 3s. Same baht amount as before but nearly double the amount of shares.

    I see value here for the medium term. Kicking myself for unloading Forth and seeing it double.

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