GULF in MOU with Binance Holding to study a digital exchange in Thailand.

Comment: Blockchain energy trading?

INSET expects windfall from cypto & metaverse boom, sets Bt1b budget to expand data center & cyber security business.

Comment: One dream we have is that Thailand is permitted to become the crypto/token hub of the region. HK/China is a no, Taiwan – doubtful, Japan meh, Korea .. maybe? Singapore – overregulated, so Thailand it is.

JAS said no contact from ADVANC for its 3BB broadband business, as speculated by the market yesterday, sending JAS up 7.94%, MONO, its media arm, +30%.

Comment: What’s holding JAS up atm, is JTS‚Ķjust look at the dreams being spouted there and then the market cap of JTS relative to JAS.

SKE reaffirms 30% FY22 revenue growth target supported by full year contribution of 9.9mw biomass power plants (maintenance shutdown 3Q21), higher RDF fuel sales volume yoy following a 3 year contract signed with SCI Eco Service to supply 400 tons of RDF fuel, new production plant 200ktpa in Kaeng Koi, Saraburi to cod 4Q22, will fill demand from cement plant & waste power plants upcountry.

Comment: Great little business here. Their issue is naturally how to grow their ROICs

SFLEX target 20-25% FY22 revenue growth driven by strong demand for flexible packaging for pharma & med supplies, larger client base yoy on both food & non-food, new production plant to cod 2Q22 lifts capacity to 265m sq.m p.a.

TISCO expects lower LLP this year on improved assets quality, focusing on AM, corporate loans & used vehicles HP to capture wider margins, eyes 4-5% FY22 loan growth target.

Comment: Well if the BOT says that NPLs still don’t exist, every bank is going to report better than expected figures.

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