GUNKUL secured 899.1KW solar rooftop for Hua Chiew Uni.

FPI wins OEM parts order from Toyota, 7 contracts worth Bt250m, lifts backlog to Bt1.1b, firms on 10% rev growth t/g.

KYE teams up Taiwan partner to expand laundry franchise, Maru Laundry, aims to capture demand from service apartment & condo along BTS line.

Comment: It’s a business model that I do actually think is interesting in specific locations however I doubt the scalability of it.

ORI launches new brand, The Origin, 6 pjs worth Bt7.7b, presales Aug 3.

Comment: A lot of the property developers seem to be thinking that the LTV issue isn’t hurting their sales, the market doesn’t believe it yet.

SQ, in jv with GL, secures mining right in Myanmar, expecting Bt27b rev, boosting backlog to Bt35b, firm on 20% rev growth next yr.

Comment: Thats not GL Plc Thailand, GL in this case is a local player in Myanmar. Now how on earth did SQ get this win in the Shan State I have no idea, there’s only a few major players there….

TMB board to fix prx for capital increase shr and TSR on Jul 22 for shareholder approval on Aug 8, with Fin Min and retail investors to pay same prx while TCAP will have to pay higher at 1.1X of BV, Tabloid.

Comment: It’s the left overs that are going to be interesting

  1. I wonder if the market price for TMB will have any impact on the RO price? Just looking at trading volumes, less than 0.5% of shares are traded most days which would seem funny if that influenced the RO price which will likely double TMB’s existing capital, notwithstanding anything bad coming out of the Due diligence.

    I get big lot transactions influencing the retail price on the SET, but other way around just seems weird when daily volumes seems so small.

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