Targets sale of 1,600 rai this year — HEMRAJ has set a target for land sales of 1,600 rai this year, with double-digit revenue growth from 2012 revenue of Bt6.4bn. It also noted that it has no plans to set up an infrastructure fund in the next 1-2 years due to insufficient assets for sale. (Khao Hoon, 13/03/13)

Comment: Loved Hemraj, but the news surrounding its property funds or infrastructure fund potential were finally debunked


Sets revenue target of Bt6.5bn — MCOT expects to receive revenue of Bt6.5bn this year, supported by advertisement projects from the government and increase in other income. It plans to invest Bt1bn in bidding for three channels in the TV digital auction and expects to add new programs by yearend. (Khao Hoon, 13/03/13)

Comment: A key player in the upcoming digital satellite industry changes


Targets 10% revenue growth — NNCL targets revenue growth of more than 10% YoY, supported by the strong economy. It expects to sign a contract with four more customers and to develop the 120MW power plant project worth Bt6bn in 3Q13 to support the strong demand. (Khao Hoon, 13/03/13)

Comment: The powerplant addition here sounds interesting, otherwise NNCL is just a minor player in the industrial estate segment.


High sales lead to raise in target — SIRI has revised its sales target for 1Q13 from Bt18-2bn to Bt21.5bn after sales over the past two months exceeded its goal by more than Bt17.8bn. It expects sales of up to Bt15bn in 2Q13. (Khao Hoon, 13/03/13)

Comment: Constantly in the news, I do wonder when people will look @ how many units actually transfer when projects are completed


SPCG to raise B5bn from fund – SPCG, the SET-listed solar farm operator, plans to raise up to Bt5bn from its soon-to-be-launched infrastructure fund for refinancing debts and for business expansion. Wandee Kunchornyakong, the chairman and chief executive, said the underlying asset of the 10-year fund is SPCG’s contracts to sell electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority. The fund will invest in seven of its 36 solar projects. The fund is scheduled to be launched in the second quarter, with Kasikornbank as the financial adviser. (Bangkok Post, 13/03/13)


Capital increase shares taken in entirety — TTA sold all of its new shares, taking in Bt3.964bn, with shareholders oversubscribing by more than its 8% target. Management said it will begin purchasing new ships immediately. (Khao Hoon,

Comment: Perhaps now this company can finally realise its true value, the fact that its a conglomerate of sorts in multiple industries has investors/analysts confused, but a simple amount of homework and one can see that this company is worth far more than what it currently is trading at

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