ITEL: wins e-budget mgt system projects from Bureau of Budget total Bt 636.5m.

Comment: And they keep winning every project that was spoken about 4-5 years ago.

SCC: acquires 60% stake in waste management, Recycling Holding Volendam, for Bt 2.1b to enhance green polymer value chain.

Comment: Doesn’t move the needle, but waste management has such a massive potential…should governments, like Thailand, actually implement the regulations that exist. Should you go down the rabbit hole of improving waste management/landfills etc throughout this country of smiles you’ll learn that its a concessionary business and groups won’t break this money pot for the benefit of the country.

TKC: appointed CompTIA to be representative for verifying & issuing professional IT certificates in network infra & cybersecurity in TH.

Comment: A relatively new IPO, not sure what their comp advantage here is.

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