JAS: vulnerable from 32.8% holding in JTS as share price -82% from peak at Bt594 in April to current px at Bt104/share following crypto rout, Tabloid.

Comment: What’s amusing that is JAS didn’t move when JTS’s share price was at 400, however now that JTS is in the process of finishing its christmas tree chart, JAS’s share price has decided to move. Funnymentals, make complete sense.

JWD to cod 3 cold robotic warehouse in 2H, expects wider margins from costs efficient, improved space utilization, shorter lag time & lower accidents aft replaced forklifts to automated storage retrieval system (ASRS).

Comment: No longer a misunderstood name, the new stage of growth for them will come from 1. The china-laos-thai train and 2. whenever thailand figures out how to do the landbridge over the south.

GUNKUL upbeats outlook from strong demand for CBD, target Bt700m sales gen this year & Bt1b in FY23, mulls tap in overseas market.

Comment: Could be an unexpected winner in the coming few years, they have 1. Businesses linked to renewables/ev and 2. Cannabis. These 2 industries have a lot of momentum behind them.

SINGER’s consumer credit unit, SG Capital (SGC), submitted filing to SEC to sell 820m shares IPO to expand business.

Comment: Will this be enough to support the share price during this period? J Group has come in 2022 with a stupid amount of cash on their b/s

SIRI reported 5M22 horizon projects sales >Bt10b, +30% yoy account for 40% of Bt24b FY22 target, 6 townhomes launched in Jun total Bt6b to boost 2Q earnings, sees growth from upper middle & upmarket.

SUPER’s board approved Bt625.26m investment for 13.67% stake in APCS, to create synergies in EPC in Thai-VN PDP.

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