AOT: Air Canada confirmed schedule seasonal flights from December 1, 22 to April 17, 23 from Vancouver to BKK, 4 weekly flights by Dreamliner.

BGC mulls revising up FY22 sales target by 6-7% on surging demand for bottles, food packaging and corrugated cartons supported by longer operating hours of night entertainments, more eat-out as curbs eased, will wrap 1 M&A in 4Q.

Comment: That’s not impressive given that this 2H22 is supposed to be strong.

CHOW & CKE Renewable JV wins solar phase 3 projects from CPF, power to sell under 15 years PPA.

RT-PV-BCL consortium wins raw water reservoir projects for Bangpakong power plant from EGAT total Bt261.92m.

SABUY reports investment in cloud parking operator, Blue Parking (BPARK) and human resource management myHR.

Comment: That’s what 10 new investments this year? But the shares are off b

SC reported 6M22 residential sales topped Bt11.5b, maintaining 15 launch plan, Bt22.5b in 2H, keeps Bt22b full year sales target.

SMPC reaffirms solid 2Q from strong gas cylinders exports to North America, growth from Africa & Asia market, wider segment coverage after add variety of container size, price hike & weak THB to boost earnings, maintaining 8m sales volume target from 6.9m FY21, 10-15% sales growth this year.

SWC upbeats outlook from agrochemical products sales supported by agricultural products price surge, allots Bt70m to expand capacity, R&D HVA products, firms on 30% revenue growth target.

Comment: I wonder if there’s any demand destruction, fertiliser prices are too higher for most individual farmers, perhaps not for the massive agri co’s

TSE acquires 8mw solar tracking for Bt482m, lifts total capacity to 286.2mw, will book immediate contribution from 3Q.

Two IPOs in 2H: SCG Chemical (SCGC) and Thai Life Insurance (TLI) are expected to be fast-tracked to SET50 at the expense to IRPC & SAWAD, Tabloid.

Office of the Consumer Protection Board to set max motorcycle leasing loan rate at 20% today, SAWAD may effect the most, 24% of loan book with 33-36% avg rate, while only 6% of MTC. Minimum impact on TIDLOR, SINGER, THANI, AEONTS, and KTC, no impact on banks, Tabloid.

Comment: And watch the players increase the initial fee to help to offset this cap.

    • They still have to prove their earnings via all these acquisitions that are funded primarily through PPs
      Or are these just exit opps for their friends? Time will tell.

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