BBLAM, fund manager for JASIF, said its retail lease agreement is to be renewed every 3 years, as of now the conditions remain unchanged, including rev and dividend, while no impact from inflation and interest rate, Tabloid.

Comment: JAS group seem to be playing around with all the co’s

DOHOME sees double digit growth in SSSG, helped by reopening, sees 10-12% in 2Q, to open new store in Karnchanaburi nxt month and in Nothern province later this year.

Comment: Wouldn’t all the home buying be done? Or is this expansion/replacement capex by businesses in expectations of a decent reopening.

GULF mulls participating in 100mw waste power PPA bid, will wrap up 1 renewable M&A in 3Q.

INTUCH: Anderton investments cut holding by 3.7784% to 1.4217% of total outstanding on June 22.

MCS wins license renewal of S Class fabricator certificate from Steel-Rib Fabricatoating Association of JPN, valid thru eo-Jun27.

Comment: Here’s a question, what happens when the old man steps down?

NWR submitted filing to spinoff Utility Business Alliance (UBA), up to 170m shares (28.33% of total issued shares) on MAI.

STARK expects wider margin from lower cable production costs as copper price plunged to 12 months low, consolidate earnings from recently acquired EV cable producer (LEONI) in 4Q to boost earnings.

Comment: Gobble gobble gobble

TACC launched Fruit Punch Hi-C press beverage at 7-11, target health conscious consumers, will roll out more products to boost sales in 3Q.

Comment: Crowded market place, will barely make a budge in their figures.

TTCL wins EPC chem complex projects for Thai Asahi Chemical total Bt4.5b.

Comment: And another win for TTCL.

  1. Khun Pon, BBLAM reports that there will be no change in the conditions of JASIF dividend payments. Does that meant that the tax free status remains unchanged? Tia.

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