AP reported 5M22 SDH & townhome sales at Bt16.8b, +23% yoy, account for 45% of Bt38b horizontal projects sales target, maintaining 16 launch plan in 2H total Bt15.04b.

Comment: No reason to be surprised, its a market share game, private comp is gone, ap/spali/lh/psh are gaining their market shares back in sdh/th

BRR upbeats full year earnings from strong sugar exports volume & selling price, tailwind from fertilizer business, biomass pp and sugarcane packaging business, weak THB boost earnings.

EPPO also gives nod to delay decommission of Mae Moh coal-fired pp (unit 8-11) to eo-FY25 to ease pressure from LNG supply jitter & transition of Erawan gas field concession.

Comment: AND WHAT ABOUT THE GREEN ECONOMY TARGETS? They are rubbish targets, cheap energy = growth/innovation/creation, expensive energy = nothing happens in an economy.

KBANK sees positive 2Q credit demand from corporate & tourism sector on demand for working cap and business expansion, recovery auto hire purchase on improved auto market.m

Comment: Sure, there’s already huge credit demand due to the cost of energy impacting everything and companies and consumers requiring credit to cover these increases

LEO in collab with Chinese state enterprise Yunnan Tengjun to develop rail-link system for fruit exports and e-commerce, to COD in Oct, sets Bt100m/year revenue target.

PRIME sells 25% stake of subsidiary, Prime Industrial Energy (PIE), to Industrial Estate Authority of TH, aims to expand solar rooftop, renewable energy in industrial estate nationwide.

PSG signed MOU with Laos authority to conduct feasibility studies on 214 potential areas for development of pumped storage hydroelectric power, concession agreement in nxt phase after assessment completed.

PTTGC is ready to comply with Government’s profit-sharing scheme for refiners, as only 3% of its profit is from refinery.

RT expects to sign underground conduit projects by end of 3Q total Bt520m, maintaining Bt8.5b backlog target by end of year.

NINE acquires co-working space business (Group Work) from VGI, Work X and Sliver Reward Holding for Bt110m, signed subcontract license from VGI to manage & operate merchandising space on BTS for 31 stations.

Comment: So the dream is that BTS gets the concession extension and then NINE gets all the spaces to manage on the BTS?

Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) approved in principal on plan to purchase electricity form waste power plants total 100mw at Ft Bt 6.08/unit target cod FY26. Positive to ACE, SUPER, PSTC, BWG, TPCH, STPI, ETC.
Comment: I’ve spent a lot of time looking at this sector and I love it that it is a great way to help clear up all the landfills – or prevent them from overfilling – however, its the corruption in the industry that is slowing down the development. (as it always does in this part of the world)

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