JMART to reveal JV partner for new business next week, keeps 50% revenue growth target next year, firms on Bt500b group market cap target in 2024.

Comment: Well…they said on the call yesterday that they will announce a new JV that will make people surprised, in a positive way? Group target mkt cap is implied as JMART + JMT + SINGER + everything else. Let’s see…

CHG sees non-covid treatment to boost IPD to >80%, to expand hospital and specialty services, firm on 20-25% revenue growth this year.

CPALL sets Bt11-12b next year capex to expand 7-11 branches, 700 domestic and 30 abroad, adds more selling channels, sees solid 4Q on seasonal and return of tourists.

Comment: Part of me thinks that this dog of a share price finally looks attractive…another part of me thinks that they won’t be able to figure out how to grow Lotus’s <= as a friend mentioned, may be some Si fu feng shui master that decided this spelling would bring good luck…

RATCH, via its SG unit, bought 50% stake in Indonesia Economic Energy Holding for Bt528m with hydroelectric PP 73.3mw capacity to COD in 2028.

SAT in talks with partner in EV projects to develop and build electric tricycle for 7-11 and Flash to be used in delivery services, sees clarity in EV bus business next year, sets Bt400-500m capex to upgrade productions.

THG firms on 30% revenue growth target and record high NP this year, boosted by strong 4Q on rising non-covid related and foreign patients, mulls investment in largest cancer center in Asia and healthcare centers in Laos and VN.

TQM’s firm on total insurance sale reaching Bt29b this year and >Bt50b in 2026, great reception at EASY Lending with Bt1.5b loans target this year, sees peak 4Q on rising demand for tax saving purposes.

Comment: Peak done? Well they’re assuming their fees will grow by 72% over the next 3 years, no idea, but it’s going to be a market share game rather than growing with the market.

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