AWC and CRC are added to MSCI Min Volatility Index, while OSP had weighting increased, effective Nov 30.

Comment: WTF is this index?

BCP sets Bt200b capex to boost green business and gas, target Bt70b EBITDA in 2030, from current Bt40b.

CK is close to signing Bt210b Luangprabang project this year, while falling steel price to boost margin to 7-8%.

Comment: Laos is powering Thailand and Vietnam, potentially even Singapore in the future.

COM7 sees record high 4Q, boosted by iPhone 14 sales and seasonal, on track to meet Bt3b FY22 profit, +14% yoy.

Comment: Every year, iphone sales in Thailand have beaten expectations, is this going to continue?

EGCO sets Bt30b capex for next year to boost capacity by 1,000MW, from current 6,377mw.

EPG sets 12-15% 2023 revenue growth target, supported by 4Q order flows and new business, sets Bt802m capex to install solar-rooftop.

GULF, GUNKUL, BGRIM, GPSC, and EA are among top candidates to secure electricity sales contract, total of 5,203mw up for grab, submission deadline Nov 25, preliminary results Dec 2, and final Mar 29 next year.

Comment: The big boys are going to eat this all up.

IHL launches collagen from cow hide, 1st in TH under “Chojen” via online, with immediate revenue recognition.

NRF sees growth momentum in 4Q, strong growth in plant-based protein via OEM, JV plant to COD mid-2023, eyes selling carbon credit business.

Comment: Well we’re looking at the pet food business, that’s their saving grace, the rest is just OEM manufacturing and their attempts at trading brands on amazon…

PROEN mulls digital platform M&A, sets 20% 2023 revenue growth target, supported by Bt383m backlog, with 52% to book in 4Q, plans to move from MAI to SET.

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