1. B30 diesel cap stays until May: Subsidy fund likely to run dry same time. The government will maintain the cap on diesel prices at 30 baht a litre using subsidies from the Oil Fund until the end of May when a 40-billion-baht loan supporting the subsidy scheme is expected to be depleted. Bangkok Post
  2. Thailand tops 5G smartphone market: Thailand recorded the largest 5G-enabled smartphone shipments in Asean last year, buoyed by broader availability of 5G handsets, pent-up demand and Covid-19 government subsidies, says IT market research company IDC. Bangkok Post
  3. Thai chicken factories win Saudi export approval: After 18 years of suspended exports, 11 Thai chicken factories have been given permission by Saudi Arabia to export chilled and frozen fresh chicken, effective as of March 13. Bangkok Post
  4. Listed companies see profits surge 80% to B986bn in 2021: Thai listed companies recorded a nearly 80% rise in net profit to 986 billion baht in 2021, as rising oil and commodity prices supported related businesses and the government’s easing of pandemic restrictions spurred economic recovery. Bangkok Post
  5. Laos power plant deals in the pipeline: Developers and operators of four hydroelectric power plants in Laos will sign power purchase agreements with energy policymakers in Laos and Thailand within May under a plan to promote more renewable energy. Massive investments in these power plants, which will be located in northern Laos, are expected over the next few years. Bangkok Post
  6. PM might not finish full term: Prayut refuses to rule out early election. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has for the first time refused to pledge that he will complete his term or outright deny the possibility of an early House dissolution before the official end of his tenure in March next year. Bangkok Post
  7. Cabinet ups Oil Fund borrowing: Move helps state cope with fuel prices. The cabinet yesterday approved lifting the borrowing limits for the state Oil Fund to allow for management flexibility, a move that offers the government more room to cope with surging fuel prices caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Bangkok Post
  8. ETDA defends royal decree regulating digital platforms: The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) has defended the merits of the draft royal decree meant to regulate digital platforms, saying the legislation will help strike a balance between consumer protection and business interests in the country. Bangkok Post
  9. Government’s set to allow tourists to enter Thailand without the need to show proof of a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours of travel as required by the Test & Go scheme.
  10. Trade Policy & Strategy Office (TPSO) sees TH fruits juices exports eo-FY21 at USD640.98m, +14.31% yoy, 8th world major exporters, strong positive momentum continued this year as health conscious trend grows.

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