BAFS sees YTD jet refueling vol +21% yoy, expects solid turnaround this year.

Comment: With every country in ASEAN now racing to open up to avoid losing face to its neighbours, I can just see fuel demand increasing tremendously which just makes me love oil that much more

EPG established subsidiary, Aeroklas Europe, to operate warehouse & logistic for OEM & after market parts orders distribution in EU, target cod within June.

MENA branches out from building material & ready mixed concrete transport to thermal control logistic, container & bulk transport, eyes 5-10% revenue growth target.

PTG signed MOU partner, Wash Xpress, to supply LPG for industrial laundry dryers, mull expand cooking gas shops to 258 outlets by end of year, target market share reach top 3 by FY25.

Comment: What PTG will have to figure out is how to utilise their 3,000 stations as distribution points for other businesses.

SNNP expects snacks sales jump after Covid panel allows alcohol serving till 11pm, eyes 20% revenue growth target.

XO upbeat FY22 outlook from recovery overseas sales, expects sales jump yoy from full year contribution of hemp sauce launched 4Q21, will curb costs & adding more sauces & seasoning products to boost margin, firms on 10-15% revenue growth target, will cod 4th production plant in ROJNA estate in FY23.

Comment: I love the story of this company and how its grown from a small operations to a medium sized enterprise. Its been one of the few Thai entities that has actually been able to take one of the main selling points of Thailand, food, and export it.

Office of the Insurance Commission (OIC) ordered Southeast Insurance and Thai Insurance to temporarily suspend the issuance new non-life insurance policies and urged both companies to rectify their financial positions within a specified period.

Comment: The ticker is TGH, equity base for the company is now thb 10bn down from thb 15bn pre covid.

FTSE rebalance sees SET weighting cut to 0.6546% from 0.6604% (-Bt825m), while CPALL, CPF, MAKRO see weighting increases. TIPH, JTS, SINGER being added to FTSE Small Cap, while 35 smaller names added to Micro Cap.

Comment: Now you see the game for becoming a larger entity in the markets, passive funds will have no choice but to increase the weighting in CP group companies and then subscribing to all the ROs done.

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