1. Government’s Mor Prom (“Doctors Ready”) platform can’t accept any more bookings for vaccinations in June, as all available slots have been allocated.
  2. BOT rollouts remedy package for retail clients, credit card & consumer credits borrowers, to stretch payment terms and/or cut interests, mortgage borrowers can petition for holiday payment on principal, pay interest only, HP & car title loan borrowers allowed to stretch payment term or return vehicles to disposal thru auction and restructure on the remaining balance, effective May 17 till end of year.
  3. Govt set to back easing of curbs: Sit-in dining returns to ‘dark-red zones’. The government is set to relax Covid-19 restrictions, including allowing dinein services to open until 9pm in maximum and strict control “dark-red zone” provinces. Bangkok Post
  4. State ‘not obliged to save THAI’: There is no commitment to a state bailout in Thai Airways International Plc’s (THAI) debt rehabilitation plan, according to a source close to people conducting the process. Bangkok Post
  5. Thai economy shrinks by 2.6% in Q1: State urged to curb number of virus cases. The Thai economy shrank by 2.6% in the first quarter of this year – an improvement from a 4.2% contraction in the previous quarter – after it was boosted by a continued increase in agricultural production, recovery of nonagricultural production, acceleration in domestic investments, rise in government consumption expenditure and improvement in exports of goods. Bangkok Post
  6. SET-listed firms reported a net profit of Bt256b for 1Q21, an increase of 137% yoy, as surges in oil and petrochemical price boosted profit for the energy sector, which account for 35-40% of SET’s total market cap.
  7. Prelim results from e-bidding for dual-tracks Denchai-Chiangrai sees ITD and NWR with lowest bid for 1 contract at Bt26,568m, CK and STEC for two contracts at Bt46,200m, official result Jul 9. RT is expected to win tunneling sub-contract.
  8. B700bn loan gets govt nod: New decree to save virus-hit economy. The cabinet has approved the draft of an executive decree authorising the government to borrow an additional 700 billion baht to revitalise the economy battered by the latest wave of Covid-19 infections, a government source said. Bangkok Post
  9. Prayut puts brakes on walk-in jabs: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has put the brakes on walk-in services for Covid-19 vaccinations to prevent people flocking to the inoculation sites and becoming upset if they fail to secure a jab, a government source said. Bangkok Post
  10. FTI delays decision on car production: The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) remains undecided about its new car production target this year and plans to wait two months to examine the impact of the global semiconductor shortage and third wave of the pandemic in Thailand. The two factors are decreasing the total volumes of cars sold, which was expected to reach 1.5 million units with half exported in 2021. The 5.12% growth forecast from 1.42 million units last year was made in January before Thailand faced chip shortages and the worst Covid-19 outbreak. Bangkok Post
    • Transitory inflation is the keyword of the day, though I distinctly remember my favourite Toblerone bar being 3x larger 30 years ago for same the price of today.

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