With earnings reporting season over all the owners/directors have started buying/selling their shares again.

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 988

  • AUCT – That’s a huge block trade, family took back some 14% the company.
  • RS – He’s buying again.
  • SABUY – They’re making moves and being paid well in share price performance, the MD buys more.
  • ALL – How is this company not bankrupt yet?

Sell(s) THB 329 mn

  • PT – A major dump by the owner
  • SISB – Perhaps parents are realising that paying so much for zoom calls aren’t worth it.
  • CHG – A director takes some profit on the table after CHG’s share price +50% move.
  • VL – What dodgy stuff is going on here? CEO exits.
  • TM – Looks like the CEO sold of her stake.
  • AIE – So does the Vice Chairman not think the turnaround in this name is sustainable?

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