ADVANC will switch on the country’s first 5G mobile network on the 2600-MHz band after making the 1st instalment payment today for the spectrum won at this week’s auction.

Comment: Lets see if there are dividend cuts

AOT: airlines voice out unfair treatments following announcement of remedy package for tenants at 6 airports as airlines are also major operators at the airport which should recover rescue package.

BAM allots Bt12b budget to add NPLs in portfolio, aims to maintain NPLsoutstandings at Bt400b & NPAs at Bt55b, target Bt15-17b this year, maintain 70% payout.

CRC is to be fast-tracked to SET50 and SET100 effective Feb 25, at the expenses of BPP in SET50 and AAV in SET100. CRC mulls acquisition of Tesco’s Thai and Malay assets. May also be added to MSCI later.

Comment: The Tesco acquisition….well I have a post semi-prepared…basically its a 8ick measuring contest between CP and Charoen…the price makes zero sense and Central Group isn’t well known to go nuts with acquisition prices. For CRC I doubt we’ll see any decent growth numbers…great cash out by the family.

GUNKUL wins substation projects for Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) worth Bt482m.

TH property agent specializes in China market, Angel Real Estates, sees delay transfer jump 50% from total value of Bt15b, 200k over supply inventories, developers shift to lease contract as demand for investment drops.

Comment: All the property co’s will see a 20%-50% drop unless Chinese buyers return

THAI cuts 30 flights in March.

Comment: Watch things continue to deteriorate further for all the airlines. I am still waiting to see that recap.

TRUE kick-off trial run of 5G services at 11 True shop branches and 4 MRT stations today.

Comment: Lets see if there’s a recap coming

VNT reports maintenance shutdown PVC plant for 15 days 1Q20.

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