The cabinet gave the green light to AOT to solve the problem regarding the food supply for the airlines to have at least two operators. AOT are allowed to use the Suvarnabhumi airport as the hub and then distribute to other airports. AOT will share 12% of its revenue per month. (Kao Hoon, 6/6/18)
Thai banks including KBANK, BAY and TBANK reassure that they stick with conservative lending policy for the housing loans by lending to old customers who have the good lending track record. The banks also stick with not more than 100% LTV. (Kao Hoon, 6/6/18)
Comment: This is a result of the BOT warning banks to rein in their mortgage lending, which is amusing given that it is 1/3 of the banks consumer loan books
The cabinet rejects the fare hike on the core blue line submitted by Mass Rapid Transit of Thailand (MRTA) by saying that MRTA submitted the proposal too late. However, the cabinet will consider this proposal within the next 30 days and will publish in the royal gazette by 2 July 2018) .Krungthep Turakij, 5/6/18(
Comment: And that is the issue when dealing with government entities…promises made during the initial investment promise by private companies are not kept. 
DEMCO plans to bid for more projects in 2H18 particularly from EGAT and PEA worth almost Bt10bn. This is after the firm has the backlog of Bt3.7bn. (Kao Hoon, 6/6/18)
Comment: But the same 2 issues remain 1) Turbine foundations to be fixed – this time management says it will be either june/july with the aim to be finished within 4.5 months 2) WEH IPO
LPN are ready to launch its first mix-used project under the name “Lumpini Tower Vibhavadi Jatuchak” worth Bt5bn located in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road on 9 June 2018. (Kao Hoon, 6/6/18)
SAWAD unveiled 2Q18 performance should continue to be strong following the financial restructure and the recognition of gain from BFIT. The firm also expects to receive the banking license within this year. (Kao Hoon, 6/6/18)
Comment: Well management has come out saying growth will be weak this year
SCB expects to more SME customers following the launch of new application called “Rattanakosin Guide”, which provides more knowledge on how to be competitive on the digital era. (Kao Hoon, 6/6/18)
SGP expects outstanding 2Q18 performance after LPG price has reached USD560/ton .The firm also expects to have the selling volume of over 3.5mn tons this year. (Kao Hoon, 6/6/18)
SIRI launched the project called “D-condo Had Yai” worth Bt830mn, where the location for this project is at the prime location near the new mono-rail due to commercial operation in 2022. (Kao Hoon, 6/6/18)

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