AAV raised air fares as social distancing requirement cuts capacity by 30%, request soft loans from government.

Comment: Well then…so the low-cost airlines won’t be low-cost anymore. This is inflation.

JMART welcomes KB Kookmin Card, a unit of KB Financial Group, to take a 50.99% stake in J Fintech, hoping to build on synergy, to expand from debt collection services to card business.

Comment: A big surprise, you’ve got to be impressed by Adisak’s (founder of JMART Group) ability to zig and zag his way to success.

PLE eyes Bt8b revenue target this year from Bt14b backlog pending to realize, plans to bid 20 projects combined worth Bt13b, expects to win Thaniya building. refurbish projects, PEA power distribution projects and Kasetsart International school construction, may book Bt300m reversed provisions from government housing projects this year.

Tourism Authority expects foreign arrival unlikely to improve until vaccine found.

Comment: Waiting for a vaccine is the stupidest decision. Is there a vaccine for AIDS? HIV? SARS? 

SCB debuts online shopping platform to support SMEs; www.SCBshopdeal.com.

Comment: The banks should just postponed mortgage and interest payments for 3 months, get the BOT to provide the funding and then you’ll stave off an economic collapse, but nope. A bunch of idiots running the oligopoly system here. 

SEAOIL sells 10 solar projects combined 7.825mw for Bt215m to Thai Iron Work (TH), TIW.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @AAV raised air fares as social distancing requirement cuts capacity…

    I think this will become a problem for all transportation companies, not only airlines but also for example BTS (what will they do if they won’t be allowed to operate with full carriages? add more trains/frequency? let passengers wait endlessly during rush hours? increase their already high fares?), or BEM (MRT)…

    (the same will also go for bus and canal/river boat operators.)

  2. the best idea for morgage deferrals comes from Vic . add the mortgage or loan payments to the end of the term, effcetivey exending the term. otherwise, who is going to be able to pay catch-up of 3+ months when they get their job back?

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