And now the bull and the bears will fight


  1. Its only 2 months lost earnings
  2. The recovery is underway globally with multiple economies beginning to open up
  3. Liquidity is flush in the system
  4. Massive fiscal spending to kick in by June
  5. Low interest rates


  1. Still “expensive” valuations
  2. The economic destruction will be felt for at least 2 years
  3. The opening up of the economies will be slower than expected
  4. The debt taken on by companies in Thailand will need to be paid off
  5. The loss of income to individuals will further dampen consumer spending

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  1. Just a quick comment: it seems that everybody “agrees” that the Covid-19 will have worse effects than 2008 crisis. In this case, should we look at similar or worse SET level. If we just look at the worse P/E level, he SET should trade at 650!!!

    • i think during times of crisis one should look at PBV more than PE as the E’s disappears.
      And if you break down the market, outside the SET100 they are already trading at PBV levels below 2008.

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