Over the past 6 weeks the countryside of Thailand has been heavily flooded with several people dying, being relocated, houses being demolished. I hate to write about this but unfortunately the flooding is good for certain companies in Thailand as infrastructure and housing will have to rebuilt.

We think these 3 companies here will benefit the most from the necessary reconstruction of the roads, highways, utilities and houses.

Siam Cement Plc (SCC) – Thailand’s largest cement producer.

Diamond Roof Tiling Plc (DRT) – Thailand’s 2nd largest supplier of roof tiles upcountry.

Siam Global House Plc (GLOBAL) – Thailand’s largest upcountry retailer of housing goods, housing supplies and basic construction materials.

But I do wonder if any of the leasing companies that target the rural area will suffer higher NPL’s because of this…

Bangkok Post : Up to 50,000 may have to quit Sing Buri http://bit.ly/pW52HC

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