Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 598 mn

  • BIG – Some THB 160 mn bought by the two founders, a block purchase perhaps?
  • BA – And he continues to buy and buy and buy
  • BROOK – Hmmm BROOK … hmmm
  • SPALI – Typically whenever you see this family buying back their shares in SPALI, implies a very positive sign
  • BDMS – This time it’s another director buying the shares! Then…see below
  • SIRI – Someone else joining the President in buying back shares
  • CM – Are soy bean prices on the rise?
  • SAWANG – This represents ~7% of total shares, wonder what the story is here…

Sell(s) THB 231 mn

  • MEGA – We have never seen management buying in this name since its IPO…
  • BDMS – So he bought some shares @ 22.15 and then sold a portion of it @ 22.35, well ok…



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