Notable Transactions

Buy(s) 900 mn

  • SABUY – Just have a look at each and every JV they are participating in.
  • III – Lots going on here
  • MINT – A switch between entities
  • PLAT – Will this dog rise up again?
  • MAKRO – Just taking part of the RO

Sell(s) 2 bn

  • GUNKUL/JMART – Adisak is making new friends everywhere, here they personally swapped shares into one another’s company.
  • HYDRO – What dodgy moves are being made here? 5% sold by the 2nd largest shareholder
  • III/SABUY – See above
  • MINT – see above
  • VIBHA/BDMS – The Directors/owners are selling, covid-era profits are done.

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