COVID WUFLU Stupid government. There we go.


  • Just unleash the same playbook, but it will go faster this time around.
  • Ignore your personal thoughts on what should be done.
  • Don’t you think NPL acquirers are going to rock and roll?
  • Is there a listed co here which sells guns?

And we’re off to the races.

Trust everyone had a good new year break.

Over the past 12 months you saw 1) MAI finally wake up 2) Electronics – specifically DELTA killing it (more to do with indices and small float than actual funnymentals), 3) Energy/industrials waking up. I think 1) and 3) continues. The recovery in bank names isn’t surprising due to valuations at the time, and just imagine that inflation picks up (which it will due to food and energy prices), how long will the BOT let the econ run hot for?

I’m listing my surprises for the year in a later post, which includes:

  • Prayuth gone within 6 months
  • #10 does something that makes him look more positive to the population.

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