Tourism is coming home, its coming home, its coming, tourism is coming home.

This may very well date me, but Thailand has reopened, granted with some rather strict restrictions though nothing in comparison to what we see regionally. As long as the expectations remain that tourism is coming back, it’ll help to drive every reopening play.

If you travelled around the city of Bangkok the past weekend you’ll have seen marked improvement in foot traffic at the restaurants and malls, interestingly office buildings still remain relatively empty.

We’re still in the midst of earnings season, done by the 15th. Can you imagine how much further the stronger public companies will run?

And finally it’s been on my mind at times that equities have become akin to what fixed income was when I started a decade and a half ago (boring nothing special), and that the digital assets/crypto space is where the fun is and therefore is the new equity market attracting all the new capital.

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