ASIAN reassures solid 4Q supported by additional capacity from pre-fried food & pet food production, higher domestic & export sales, will expand frozen food & pet foods to overseas market next year.

BE8: cloud sales, service, marketing, application solutions, Beryl 8 Plus, debut IPO 50m shares @ Bt10/share.

Comment: Small name, small float, couldn’t get any shares, but if BBIK can trade at 80x PE and this player, whom industry players say is better, trades at 30-40x, which one would you prefer to own?

HMPRO sees solid 4Q, the strongest Q this year, post lockdown and new Homepro Bangna KM1 to open on November 13.

JMART in talk BTS & Kerry Express to accept JFin Coin, finalize deal 1Q22.
JMART said cash injection from BTS group to arrive late November, while JMT and SINGER will get theirs in mid-December, sees group revenue on target.

Comment: Could explain JFIN’s move the other day, as I said, is the fun in the crypto/digital space taking away a lot of potential liquidity from the equity markets? As for JMART, no surprises, EGM went through w/o a hitch, they’re going to have so much capital that 2022-2023 growth looks locked in.

IRPC’s firm on meaningful growth in 4Q after market GIM rose to $15, with extra support from stock gains.

ITEL: moved to SET from MAI, effective today.

RAM par change to Bt 0.10 from 0.50, effective tomorrow.

Comment: Retail pump?

SHR anticipates positive OCC momentum carry thru new year after 3Q jumped to 52% vs 29% 2Q21, sees narrow loss from UK & Maldive operation.

Comment: The off the radar play in the Thai market, everyone else still focuses on CENTEL, MINT, ERW, AWC.

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