Hope you’ve all unleashed the same playbook, I mentioned it here Market Update 05/04. Same crap, same lockdowns, sure we can travel between provinces. But the psychology of a lockdown has returned to the country for the next few days (or weeks?).

The only question at the back of my mind is whether these incompetent buffoons’ are going to use this politically against the population.

Hospitals are making bank at the moment, overcharging the population for staying there + if someone could convince me, show me statistics, evidence, “science” that an individual that is tested positive for the wuflu or the englishwarmbeerflu or the brazilianwax variant or the incredibleindiancurry version with zero symptoms needs to be hospitalised/locked up. Also…why are people being put on ventilators? Thought that science showed it collapses the lungs and leads to deaths since last year…

Anutin and the Thai FDA should be burned the f down.

Markets. MAI still rocking and rolling, commodity related names still rocking and rolling. Think its over? No. But it will begin (or already has) to hurt consumer pockets in the coming 6 months. Next Thai Elections are March 2023, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2022 being a rather volatile year.

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